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    Finally got my hands on a reach bag. It was lost in the mail for about a month and a half. It came with some old inflation needles and some very nice bag gloves. It is far and away the nicest bag I have come across. 10/10 in every category.

    Model #218 9 x 14

    Click image for larger version

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    Nice bag Pete, ENJOY


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      Nice. Looks to be a later model, long neck bag. Is the valve on the bottom or up in the neck? Reach seems to have been one of the last of the makers to use neck valves, and even inflation tubes under the laces


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        Thanks dad. The valve is on the bottom. A shorter neck on it would be nice. It has been preserved very well, not dried out at all. I feel a little guilty hitting it,


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          The Reach bag that I have was apparently (probably inadvertently) put away and stored in ideal conditions. Really nice leather, beautiful stitching. Just needed a bladder to replace the missing one. It had a inflation tube under the laces when new. Yes, I know what you mean about using it. While I do use it occasionally, it often just hangs on the swivel so that I can admire it.


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