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Punch drumming to "Turn the Beat Around" at Speed Bag 2021 - Symphony

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  • Punch drumming to "Turn the Beat Around" at Speed Bag 2021 - Symphony

    Here's the best parts of the SPEED BAG SYMPHONY - punching to "Turn the Beat Around". Alan, Nate, Brad, Matt, Zach (aka Speed Bag Skunk), Louis (Aka G-Town), CazBag and Tyler all took turns punching in time to the beat.

    Special thanks to Lance Thrasher (of the one and only #thethrasherhouse ) for recording.

    Also special thanks to our sponsors that made this event happen - Balazs Boxing (Platforms and bags), The Thrasher House (swivels), Title Boxing (Bags), Art of the Bag, Real Gymm (The location!), Speed Bag Central/, Roni Speed Bag and Speed Bag Labs.
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    Great Idea, and great video Tim. Thx for sharing that!


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      This was great fun! We finally did it, after 10 years. Thanks to Tim Nd All for taking part.
      Speed Bag

      Put a little Rhythm in YOUR workout!
      *attendee: Every SB gathering so far!
      The Quest Continues...
      Hoping for another Gathering...


      The Art of the Bag


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        Guy's that was great, such a joy to watch and to watch the joy you all had. Tim, you keep out doing yourself. Also, thanks to all of the people who sponsored this you've given this old man a great treat. So happy to be a bagger.

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