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  • One Arm Bagging

    I would like to challenge people to post videos, or refer to vids already online, showing an extended one-arm only bagging routine. Basically, I am looking for ideas for things I can try.
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    I'll cook something up soon and add it to this post. Have you considered some sort of combo involving the sling? If you triple up on the meds and bite down on a towel you might be able to pull it off

    Perhaps some soft bumping on that oh so soft Pro Ball?

    Don’t you wish you could get a Jim Bradley Pro sling for that arm? I’m looking into getting a king sized mattress topper made out of whatever that flubber leather is. That bounce would be extremely useful. Then I may have to add an electronic speed counter to the headboard of my bed. I don’t see many of those on the market

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      For a while I was afraid to even hit left handed only. I find it very difficult to keep my right shoulder muscles relaxed while using the left side. And I'd rather use my head than my right side.
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