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    Still working on the elbow strikes, specifically now on a O-DES followed by a RSP with the same hand, per Alan's suggestion

    You can hear a fair amount of mis-hits in there, especially with the right. Oh well, more practice needed

    Be sure to watch to the end... who said speed bagging was a safe sport?

    This is the second time I've managed to separate the hook from the ball on the 4440 swivel...
    Last edited by Tim; 06-11-2006, 02:38 PM.

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    speed bag Outward Double Elbow Strike

    Hi Tim,

    The mis-hits really aren't bad. I find mishits like that are caused by a few reasons. First, on a bag that is too high, making one swing in a downward direction, sliding the hand down the face of the bag rather than hitting into it. That is not your problem.

    Second, swinging into the bag correctly, by striking a little under the belly, and sliding off. move the contact point up slightly. that may be happening occassionally.

    Third, trying to "rush your fist" into the bag after the elbow connects. This forces the fist to make contact on the bag a little too early in the next rebound. This actually can cause problem #2, hitting too low on the bag.

    I'm guessing your are into #3. You appear to be "snapping" your fist into the bag a little harder than your elbow connects, indicating a slight increase in the speed of your fist and clipping the bag a little low.

    Try and keep all parts at the same speed and power. Rather than emphasize your fist movement, let the fist simply follow the elbow into the bag and glide through it. The bag rebounds automatically into the fist, without any effort on your part. Once you get the connection point a little cleaner, you will be able to add a little "pop" to it.

    otherwise, great progress. As for the mishaps, welcome to the world of speed bag bloopers. I've got a bunch of them. Keep a little salt shaker close by to make the bag taste better when you eat one. (* I learned that from experience...)

    tip: wait until you really get to smackin' the Reverse Single Punches (RSP), and miss - thereby smacking yourself right in the mouth. I've busted a lip more than once
    Speed Bag

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      Those elbows are nice, fast, and crisp. However, It does seem like your fist is rushing in a little bit, maybe hitting a little harder than the elbow. I do that a lot, too. For me, it's because I'm still in the practice stage of the game.

      Wrap a piece of electrical tape around the hook so that to avoid blooper #2!

      Nice work..


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        Thanks guys - I'll see what I can do about that - the rushing of the fist.

        I'm actually hitting it with my forearm quite a bit of the time as well I'll try some different angle camera shots to show you

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