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How to remove bag from swivel

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  • How to remove bag from swivel

    I put a big arse vintage bag on a vintage everlast swivel, and I cant get it off. The swivel is a ball and hook, and the bag has a big arse leather loop, with some kind of heavy fabric stiched into it. The hook is getting caught on the fabric. I don't want to damage either of these any more than I have. Can anybody give me any advice. I have tried using pliers, vice grips, and KY type lubricant. Any help is appreciated.

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    some pictures would help
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      Can you get the tip of some needle nose plyers in there to help guide the thing out? Even the thin end of a chop stick?

      Yes, pictures!


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        Thanks for the help. Unfortunately I have not been able to post pictures on this sight.When I try to post a picture, I get "a security token is missing". I am not computer literate enough to figure it out.


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          Any luck getting the bag off yet?


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            Got it..... I brought it in from the damp garage and let the leather dry for a day, to shrink it a bit. I then slid a piece of "crazy carpet" between the loop and the swivel and used a pair of pliers to pull the loop off. Lesson learned. I have two vintage bags with the same thick loop, Weider and a ATF. I won't be putting either of these on a ball hook swivel again. "D" rings only. Thanks for the suggestions everybody, I thought I was going to have to either sacrifice the swivel or the bag, or leave the bag on that swivel permanently.