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the $200 all terrain wheelchair

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  • the $200 all terrain wheelchair

    This has absolutely nothing to do with the speed bag, excepting that there are baggers in chairs, and here's a cool innovation in wheelchair design, something that doesn't happen everyday:

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    wheelchair downhill racing

    i'm into mountain biking, more into the downhill aspect of it. you should see some of the wheel chairs racing on some downhill courses, those bikes are in the thousands of dollar ranges (full suspension) it's crazy. there might be some vids of it on youtube...ralph (btw) my bike is in the five thousand price range and is fun to ride as long as i don't crash on the way down ;-) years ago i got the bike up to 55 mph on a fireroad :-O it is some kinda feeling going in the high thirties then forty then hitting my goal of 55.
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      Thanks for posting, didn't know this about you. 55 on a mountain bike sounds like crazy fun, put a big grin on your face. Not for people with weak hearts, haha.


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        All of this needs to consider including a speed bag into their set up. Every Cycle and wheel chair can be modified to include a speed bag. The key feature is, the speed bag has NO requirement to STAND UP to hit it, and if works perforectly well sitting down and riding or "wheeling". With a little ingenuity and support, we can easily attach leight weight speed bag equipment to a wheelchair, adding the addition of speed bag punching and rhythmic expresssion alsong with the other benefits of the experience.
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