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50 Years of Speedbagging - Anniversary Video to Alan Kahn - Happy Birthday

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  • 50 Years of Speedbagging - Anniversary Video to Alan Kahn - Happy Birthday

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    Dear Alan, all of us speedbaggers do have their own story how they started and got in contact for the first time with “Bible-Style-Speedbagging”. This example is how “Dutchman” had his experience: Back in the early 1990's circumstances dictated that in order to keep bagging I would have to use a free standing speed bag stand. Not a whole lot of choices at that time, but Ringside happened to just put one in their catalog. Along with the stand came a copy of "The Speed Bag Bible" and a VHS instruction video tape. I was more than delighted to discover that what was in this volume was the instruction for doing the fancy punching that I had seen on various variety TV shows back in the 1950's, early 60"s. something that all but disappeared by that time. Later I would find the Speed Bag Forum, and low and behold Allan Kahn was a member of it. All those years of collecting and taking notes on the art could now be shared with those of like interest. But here's to Allan, who preserved the art allowing it to flourish once again. Have a Happy, The Dutchman We all do owe you so much. The entire Speedbagfamily wishes you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


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      Thank you Alan for all you have brought to the Bagging World! You told me you are "just a messenger of the bag" but we all know you are the Messiah of the SpeedBag!! lol
      And many thanks to DizzyD for this amazing video and all of your content you continue to produce! I'm absolutely honored to have been a part of this Celebration of the King!
      Happy Birthday Alan!!

      Kevin Williams


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        DizzyD, thank you so much for putting together this great tribute to Alan. Your video production is as good as your bagging.
        You are truly a Class Act.


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          Thanks for all you do alan.....we would not be the same without you!!! Happy Anniversary.


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            DizzyD - Great job - Thanks for putting that together!

            Sorry again I couldn't make it to the event - I hope you had a good time!


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