from:Lets Eat Right To Keep Fit by Adelle Davis--copyright 1954 page234-35
"Few people can obtain wholesome food. By wholesome, I mean the kind of food our grandparents and all our ancestors before them ate at every meal. Just plain food. Fruits, vegetables and grains grown on naturally mineralized, naturally composted soil untouched by smog, chemical fertilizers and poison sprays. Milk from healthy animals grazed on green pastures (most milk need not be pasteurized, and its hormones, enzymes and steroids are not destroyed...). Eggs laid by hens allowed to run on the ground, gathering worms and scratching in manure piles rich in bacteria produced vitamin B12, vitamin K and many other nutrients. Fertile eggs produced by hens kept with roosters (such eggs are rich in steroids which commercial eggs lack). Meats from animals which have not been castarated. Foods which have not been refined or processed....As I see it, thousand of adults and millions of children in our country have never once had one mouthful of wholesome food. Everything we eat is tinkered with in one way or another."

from: Get Well Naturally by Linda Clark--copyright 1965 page 320 "Joseph D Walters, M.D., says 'I recommend two eggs a day, often raw, to reduce cholesterol in my patients. But the eggs must be fertile and the chicken feed of the hens uncontaminated with insecticides. people who are allergic to raw egg white usually have no trouble with raw fertile egg white. The fertile egg white makes cystine, an amino acid, available to the body. Most people are deficient in cystine. Furthermore, a fertile egg (one which would hatch), because it contains both the embryo as well as food for the developing chick, is nutritionally superior to the infertile egg.' "

You are what you eat