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  • Kid

    Any bag get togethers in Seattle area?

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    Originally posted by Kid View Post
    Any bag get togethers in Seattle area?
    Never heard of any. Why not organize one?
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      I live in a blue collar town of about 100,000 people. I've been trying to organize some semblance of a speed bag get together, speed bagging club, or whatever it would be called. So far I've found six guys (I'm number 7) who at the very least are interested in doing something as far as community goes. We're all using local facebook etc to find others. I have five platforms but I don't want to host this at my house so hopefully we can attract a large enough number to necessitate doing something in a public venue.

      I would be very surprised if you couldn't find a hefty number of baggers in a large city like Seattle. The emerald city is more than just coffee.
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