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    Hey I'm visiting Sunnyvale just outside of SF in december and I'm wondering if there are any baggers near there who want to get together and talk shop. I'm in a major capital city here in Australia and I've never found another bagger. It'd be good to meet someone who 'gets it'. I'm also going up to Portland over Christmas. Hit me up if anyone is in the area.

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    I'm in Eugene about 100 miles south of Portland. Probably too far away for you to come down to, but if you are able, let me know.



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      Thanks Fedora I'll keep you in mind.


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        Originally posted by Frasmac View Post
        I'm in a major capital city here in Australia and I've never found another bagger.
        Not one? Dang... we have to do something about that! Calling Deano...any ideas?

        If you ever get over to the Eastcoast, there are plenty of us here & you are always welcome.


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          I agree with you Your great ideas


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            Who's close to NY?
            Don't buy your speed bag from the same place you buy your tackle box.


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              Originally posted by Niki Knuckles View Post
              Who's close to NY?
              Yo Niki Knuckles, PunchDrunk here from Secaucus NJ. I got a double car garage that is a gym with 3 platform's and all speedbag forum brothers and sisters are welcome. I believe that there is 2 to 3 members that are from NY. Did i hear mini gathering
              We can gather at another location in NY if NJ not convenient. i don't mind a nice drive.


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