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    Any events around the Ohio area in 2014.

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    Originally posted by jevankuiken View Post
    Any events around the Ohio area in 2014.
    SPEED BAG V will be in Keyport, NJ again July 11,12,13. If you're into bagging, it would be worth the drive!


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      Thanks, thats a goal of mine to attend in July


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        Yes Dr. Jakari organize a exhibition in Ohio. He specially invites me to organize his exhibition. It will be on June 2014. I will going to organize this and make ti the wonderful event.
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          Speed Bag event in NC

          Any North Carolina events happening any time soon ??


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            Originally posted by Eric View Post
            Any North Carolina events happening any time soon ??
            As far as this forum knows, there is only one gathering, and the one that has been ongoing has been the one at Real Gymm, Keyport NJ. This year (2014) is the 5th year, and I think we know at this time that 7 people have confirmed their attendance this July. At least by Room RSVP and using the speed bag discount code. I know more locals will show up, but it takes a lot of work to and volunteer help to do the setup, host the activities, then take it all down. That's a lot of time, work and expense on those 7 folks hoping others will show.

            Of course, anybody from any part of the country can have their own Speed bag event. It is very difficult to plan these events, especially when you can only be assured that two or three people in that area want to attend. There was a St. Louis Speed Bag event several years ago. Sadly, I did not get to go, but a few forum members active at that time, did. Those few members have moved on lately.
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