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New version of the timer 1.3

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  • New version of the timer 1.3

    Hi all,
    The latest version of the online workout timer can be found here:

    New features are:
    1. The Round count can be displayed in a different color than the time (selectable as an option)
    2. The Options can be shown or hidden
    3. New font sizes have been added for those with big monitors
    4. The "Tick after Warn" option was broken on the previous release, and has been fixed

    This version was tested with FireFox and IE7. It mostly works with Safari as well, although not 100%
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    Once you have downloaded the timer page and all the associated files, it is not necessary to have an Internet connection.

    To run the timer page disconnected with NO internet connection:
    1. Download this file:
    2. Unzip to any location on your local hard drive
    3. Open the timer.html with Internet Explorer or Firefox
    4. IE 6.0 and IE 7.0 may warn you about blocking script access. Just click on the prompt and allow it to run.
    In the future, you will simply re-open the timer.html file on your local hard drive, instead of opening it up from

    You may want to check back periodically and download a new version, as I post bug fixes and new features somewhat frequently.

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