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  • iTouch/Phone Application

    Is their any thought in developing the Timer v5 into an iPod application? I'm sure you would get a great deal of interest.

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    I've started (and stopped) this project two times now. There are some other timers available for cheap/free on iPhone, but none quite like mine.

    To be honest, it's a fair amount of work but would bring some much needed portability to the timer.

    The real obstacle holding me back is that I do not have an iPhone. That may change soon Then the only obstacle will be having the time to finish the code, which is quite primitive at this point. It may be my "summer project".


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      iphone timer

      I would buy the app if it was available for the iPhone or iPad. It seems to work on the iPhone Safari browser as a workaround (see screenshots).

      You don't necessarily need an iPhone since the iOS dev kit has a simulator. I hope you get your iPhone soon!
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