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    So I have two Cleto 5".. Cleto bags are pretty fast and snappy in my opinion and I did get my start on a Cleto 6". But those darn bladders of theirs don't hold air near as well as any other bladder that I know of. So says my rather limited experience.

    In one of the two Cleto 5's I swapped out the stock bladder for an Enkay that I purchased from forza sports. The result is that it's just as lively and even seems to have a little more meat to it and I'm no longer giving it a pump every 10 or so days. It even sounds better.

    Another bladder change was installing a Title bladder into the larger ringside heritage bag that also didn't hold air from day one. This also resulted in a vast improvement over the stock bladder.

    Replaced the title gyro 7" bladder with an everlast thus greatly improving it's response. Nice and bouncy.
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