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    Originally posted by Mydogsparty View Post
    Hey Cazbag,

    I just wanted to give you a shout-out for recommending the Title Perilous bag. I’ve been hitting it since the first of the year and I really like it.

    When I first got it, it was bouncing very erratically. I thought, geez, I really suck at this. Then I started paying closer attention to the bounces and determined that it wasn’t as much my fault as I thought. After doing some more research I found this thread... which Jaja6009 described almost the same phenomenon. I changed the bladder and the problem went away.

    I really like hitting this bag. It’s fast but, like your described, it’s heavy like the Balaz Lazer. I actually like it better than the Balaz now because the Lazer now feels like a pillow compared to the Perilous.

    Great recommendation. Thanks!
    I've had mine 5" since Christmas day. I had my own small adjusting period just like everybody else reports. I've since ordered the other two sizes. These bags are the, stuff. Jaja described a rather giant bladder shoved in his, did you find the same?
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      Awesome glad you liked, thought it would suit your preference thus far. I wonder the same thing as batboy. The original bladder in mine was actually a little smaller than the replacement. Perhaps they produced some with the wrong bladders as well as sloppy placement?

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