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Everlast plastic, hook vs. caribiner

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  • Everlast plastic, hook vs. caribiner

    I just realized that my spare plastic everlast swivel is different from the one I have been using. It has a caribiner instead of a hook! Anybody know any advantages to this. I am assuming it is not as desirable as the "S" hook.

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    There has been a couple of theories kicked around about this. One is that it was supposed to keep the bags attached regardless of the configuration of the loop. The other is that who ever was making them at that time, it was cheaper to use an off the shelf "eye" and a carbiner rather than having the traditional "hook & eye" swivel which required a few extra steps in making


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      Yeah...That sounds about right.


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        Think I will use it outside where my everlast U bolt is getting all rusty and slow.

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