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Request best swivel recommendations, please :)

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  • Request best swivel recommendations, please :)

    Hi All. I am a recent new member and posted as such (RKahn). I installed the Everlast Adjustable and added two 1"x24" rounds to the top for weight. Works nice. I'm practicing with master Alan Kahn's techniques (awkward but working on it) and notice the "out of the box" swivel hangs up a lot. I'll include the photo and hopefully you can zoom in on that part.

    I'd respectfully ask for a great swivel recommendation. I saw an archive thread that had one with a solid down post. That seems good but I defer to those of more experience. I see some pointers to sites and discounts too.

    Thank you very much in advance. I'm doing three 20 minutes sets a day and really enjoying it. Happy holidays all.

    Oh, thank you very much Mr. Alan Kahn for selling me 4 training videos. If y ou sell swivels that would be PERFECT!! )
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