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  • Good Fixed Platform Height

    In the process of setting up a fixed platform in my garage...
    I want to have something at home for daily training between gym days...
    Got some nice 1-1/4" laminated fiberboard, going to glue two layers together, super platform.
    Super structure planned from ceiling joists to platform elevation.
    Getting materials and hardware together.
    What would be a suggested bag height...
    Plan on starting with a 6x9 bag.
    In changing bags in the future, would I have issues with a fixed platform setup,switching from larger bag to a smaller faster bag...Or am I over thinking this stuff.
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    No such thing as over thinking. I would suggest you put the platform high enough so the fattest part of the biggest bag you will use is level with your mouth. Stand on a small step to get to the same height on smaller bags. So set it up for your 6x9 bag and build a 2 inch or so step when you want a smaller bag, some timber with some ply on top or something just to stand on.
    Also it would be easier to lower the platform at a later date than it would be to raise it. If you didn't want to stand on a step.- You could easily lower the platform later on if you wanted to hang up the 6x9 bag someday and just hit a smaller one, by adding to the top of it and re-mounting it to your bracing. Have fun with your build. Looking forward to seeing a picture of it.

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