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Poured concrete wall speed bag install

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  • How To Poured concrete wall speed bag install

    Trying to mount a tko speed bag to my poured cement basement wall. Does anyone have any reccomnedations? I was thinking of using ramset nails to secure 2-2x4s to the wall and counter sinking bolts into the back of the 2x4 before attaching it. then bolting the h frame to the 2x4s using the bolts. In my last place I Drilled into a cinderblock wall and used redhead bolts that I pounded into the wall. Kinda messy and very loud. I attached a pic of the TKO and my brainstorming PDF,any ideas and pointers would be greatly appreciated.
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    Hello Draudt. My vote for a wood to concrete connection is a Tapcon. Redheads work well if you have a solid wall or a poured cell. However, they are overkill for this application. A 3 1/2 " Tapcon placed at 16" on center will be plenty strong.


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      to mount 4x4's

      avoid putting holes in your wall.


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        There is my first speed bag, a TKO 7X10. Lasted about 2 months.

        Drill pilot holes first, then use concrete screws. The drill bit, and screws must be a perfect marriage, or it wont work well. One can put strong adhesive in the drilled holes first, when screwing in the bolts... However, that would be redundant if drilled right first, and the screws are right for the hole. Tapcon is a good brand, but there are others. Rust proof blue concrete screws are ideal for the outdoors. Good luck.
        Don't buy your speed bag from the same place you buy your tackle box.


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          I am an engineer. This is what I use for installation into concrete.

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