Need help ID'ing a Swivel

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  • sudds779
    Speed Bag Trainee
    • Dec 2013
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    Need help ID'ing a Swivel

    Hello All,

    The gym I frequently go to has a speed bag platform that I greatly enjoying using during my workout. Recently, they removed the screw off chain link swivel and make guests check it out because there have been several damaged bags. They leave their house bag permanently attached and every day I check it out I need to switch bags to my personal one. I would much rather just bring my bag already attached so I don't have to stop my workout, wait in line to check out the swivel, and then change the bag. I bought a Title screw in chain link, but it is slightly too small. I was incorrect in assuming there is a standard size. The house swivel is approximately 1" and 9/16 measured across the diameter of the threads (see pic). Does anybody have any idea what brand this or a place I can find sizes by brand so I can order one of my own?
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  • Dutchman
    Speed Bag Historian
    • Jun 2006
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    I'd hazard a guess that it's an old Everlast, which isn't made anymore. At one time a lot of the other makes would interchange with the base, so this didn't used to be an issue. I've found that most of the new swivels with the seperate screw in base are made to metric specifications which is probably what your problem is. What most of us do here in that situation is head to eBay and Craigslist, there are a large number of the older Everlast swivels show up there.


    • MsDeville
      Senior Member

      • Oct 2009
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      Invest in two old swivels…

      Hey sudds. Another option would be to purchase two old (matching) swivels similar to the one at the gym and simply ask if you can "donate" one of them to the gym. If you have a duplicate swivel of your own, you can just bring in that part of the swivel that attaches to their threaded base. It might make it a lot more convenient. Especially if it's one of those chain-link styles that is such a hassle to swap out bags. Just a thought.
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      • sudds779
        Speed Bag Trainee
        • Dec 2013
        • 2

        Thanks for the info, I may have found one on Ebay that will work.

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