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  • Allentown
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    • Oct 2010
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    Contender Fight Sports Speed Bag

    How is this bag? It is only $15.00 from Ringside.
  • Speedbag
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    Originally posted by Allentown View Post
    How is this bag? It is only $15.00 from Ringside.
    I've had a few contender bags in the past and they were fine best I remember. I have a much smaller one that has held up, in that the seams never split and bladder didn't give out. I haven't used it much lately but it was a good bag when I did.

    Not a bad deal for $15.00 imo
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    • MsDeville
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      • Oct 2009
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      Contender Bag at Ringside

      Are you talking about this bag, Allentown?

      I ordered one a few months back to see if the quality was good. I have punched on it and I find it to be made of good quality, soft leather. It has leather welted seams, so it doesn't hurt the knuckles. It has an orange bladder. The loop at the top is narrow and relatively short for a quicker rebound. The size is just about right, although I wouldn't mind a peanut size version of this bag.

      The only thing that I don't care for is the teardrop shape. I prefer a little more neck at the top, like the Leone bag. But this is just my personal preference.

      One more thing. They had the common sense to attach a FABRIC logo to the belly of the bag, rather than a cheap (and painful) vinyl/plastic label.

      You can't beat the price. After I received the bag, Ringside followed up with an email, asking me about their service. I like that…
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