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    Hi everyone - I love bagging for the heck of it & trying to learn new techniques, but the reason I started it in the first place was for cardio/training.

    With that In mind I have been looking at buying a Timer/Round timer.

    I'm leaning towards this one made by Title that allows you to adjust the length of the rounds, the number of rounds as well as the length of the intervals in between Rounds:

    I really like look of the ones with the 3 lights (different colors) on top, but this looks to have the most options/features/adjustments. It has three lights, but I don't know if they are different colors or how big/visable they are compared to other models like the Everlast shown here:

    Is anyone familiar with these? Can you recommend one for me to use at home? Is there another brand I should consider? I'd like to keep it around $150, but I'll go more if it's really cool.

    Any thoughts/comments/suggestions will be appreciated.


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    I bought my timer at Safeway for 10 bucks, Digital, beeps like hell when the time is up.
    just a normal kitchen timer. works perfectly for me.


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      Plus you can cook pasta to al dente perfection...


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        Yeah, but it doesn't look nearly as cool!

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