Christmas at the bar!

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  • spinsmashpop
    Speed Bag Wizard

    • Nov 2008
    • 1081

    Christmas at the bar!

    Back in 2009, I wrote this little festive poem. It's just a bit of silliness,
    but there's not enough poems that tie in the holidays and Speed Bagging!


    It's Christmastime and I feel that I need a shrink
    So my friends suggested that we all go get a drink...
    I sat at the end of a broken down bar....
    I drank so much I thought I sold my car....

    I yelled at my friends and told them they were the worst
    I've done this before, yeah, this wasn't the first
    So they all split, they went their merry way...
    Last time this happened was back in May...

    I couldn't even remember the bartender's name
    And that's odd, cuz his name and mine are but the same!
    I ordered some shots and than ordered some more....
    They were my ammo in this mad drinker's war!

    I looked around and saw nothing but haze...
    Getting the drink to my mouth was its own little maze
    Then lo and behold what's do my eyes then see...
    A beautiful woman, and she's staring at me...

    She says she can tell that I am a one of a kind....
    She says a catch like me is hard to find!
    I eat all this up like a Thanksgiving dinner
    I know that she knows that I know I'm a winner!

    We end up taking a swirvy stroll to my pad
    All the while she says I rule, I rock, I'm rad!
    The next day things were starting to come together
    But I wished they didn't, life would have been all the better

    In front of me stood a two bit trashy hag.....
    And all I wanted for Christmas was some free time to bag!

  • Tim
    Administrator and Founder of

    • Jan 2006
    • 3454

    Originally posted by spinsmashpop View Post
    In front of me stood a two bit trashy hag.....
    And all I wanted for Christmas was some free time to bag!

    And likewise to you! Hope you get some time to bag now that you are off the road. Merry Christmas all!



    • MsDeville
      Senior Member

      • Oct 2009
      • 1301

      Merry Christmas, Brian!

      Happy Bagging to all of my fellow speed baggers.
      sigpic Contact me anytime for information about Deville Swivels Email:
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      • novaspeedbagger
        Speed Bag Guru
        • Aug 2010
        • 470

        Merry Christmas Brian!

        Thanks for reposting the Christmas poem!

        Hey man, Santa brought a new epiphone guitar to my house! So, I have a new gig to go along with punch drumming now!

        Rock on Brian!

        And Merry Christmas to all you baggers!


        • TJ_MaTee
          Senior Member

          • Nov 2009
          • 316

          Haha! Good one Spin! I remember this!! Lol!!!
          T.J. MaTEE'[/U][/U] u:


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