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Printable poster for SPEED B.A.G. II

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  • Printable poster for SPEED B.A.G. II

    Check out this work of art, made by none other than our very own Ms D

    Click here for the FULL VERSION

    Download it and print it out! Hang it wherever you think the cool speed baggers hang out!
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    Sweet flyer Ms D!!! Wish I could be there!! Hopefully next year! Gonna hang this in my garage!!

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      And the Countdown is on!

      Hey gang. I think it costs about 98 cents at Staples for an 11x17 printout of this flyer. It doesn't completely fill the paper, it leaves a couple inches of white space at the top and the bottom, but, that space might come in handy at SBII. Last year, there were a stack of posters and we did a little autograph/signing swapping.

      If you decide you want something like an 18"x30" poster, this PDF can also be printed out in a larger format, but it runs a little higher than 98 cents.

      Anyway, I think this will make a nice souvenir of the event!

      And, for those of you who don't recognize the bag used in the flyer, I kinda helped myself to the image of it from Mrs. Mitts' Album on her Profile page! Sorry, but that Lonsdale is one BEE-U-T-FUL speed ball!

      Bag on!
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