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This doesn't look like the Lonsdale in the picture.... fake?

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  • This doesn't look like the Lonsdale in the picture.... fake?

    Just got my Lonsdale bag from and it doesn't look very much like the picture... anyone know why this is? The bottom part where you insert the needle is sticking out as well and it's make in Pakistan...???

    I'm just really confused as to why the bag looks the way it does.

    The link to the page is this:

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    I have not had this verified, but here is what I have figured out:

    The U.S. Lonsdales are made/distributed by Ringside. Boxingdepot and Ringside are one in the same. Grant boxing gear is another line from Ringside. All Ringside, Lonsdale USA, and Grant speed bags have that exact same "Lubricate Needle Before Inserting" and "Made in Pakistan."

    I got the Blue and White Lonsdale about a year and a half ago, and it looks a little different. My guess is that Ringside has taken over Lonsdale USA production since then. It's not a "fake," just a new style. I love Ringside's quality, so I'm sure it's a good bag.

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