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    Forum Rules Forum Rules, please read

    The goal of is to provide an environment where those that desire to become proficient with speed bag techniques and combinations can share information and interact with other enthusiasts.

    As such, some rules are in order to ensure we create an environment conducive to productive discussion and learning:

    1. Treat all forum members with respect at all times. We all started as beginners. Please keep in mind that your fellow forum members may hail from any age group, religion, race, nationality, or culture.

    2. No profanity. Please refrain from using four letter words and any other profanity in posts, private messages, and user names.

    3. All topics not related to the speed bag or general physical fitness should be placed in the "Off Topic" forum.

    4. The Off Topic forum is provided for members to discuss topics not directly related to the speed bag. However, please refrain from discussing the following in any forum:
    a. Illegal activities of any sort
    b. Pornographic or other items of a sexual nature, including nudity.
    c. Items that may be found offensive to others (use common sense).
    d. Hyperlinks or pointers to pages meeting the above criteria.

    5. Spam and other advertisements (including hyperlinks to any e-commerce web sites) not related to the speed bag are not allowed in any forum, including Off Topic.
    a. The spammer's userid, PMs, and posts will be deleted immediately and their IP banned for life on the first offense.
    b. Any post which is a verbatim cut and paste from any other forum on the internet is considered spam
    c. Having URLs in your signature which are totally unrelated to the subject matter of this forum are not disallowed, but can be considered spam at the discretion of the administrator.
    d. Nonsensical postings (admin's discretion) may be considered automated spam and the associated accounts are subject to removal and permanent ban on the first offense. Having a hyperlink in your signature or posting will bring extra scrutiny.

    6. Advertisements and offers from vendors supplying speed bag related equipment and accessories are welcome. Contact Tim via PM or e-mail for informaiton. Vendors and advertisers are expected to adhere to all rules of the forum.

    7. All images (including avatars) and videos posted or linked to must be "G" rated - i.e. suitable for viewing by all age groups. No images of an offensive nature are permitted for any reason.

    8. Please do not re-post as your own copyright material you do not own or have permission to use.

    9. Posts or replies not complying with the above rules are subject to editing or removal by the administrator and his appointed moderators at any time.

    10. Members found to violate these rules may be banned temporarily or indefinitely at the discretion of the forum administrator and his appointed moderators. Generally, the policy is "3 strikes and you're out". The administrator may apply or modify this at his discretion.

    11. Any of the above rules are subject to change at any time at the discretion of the forum administrator. Additional rules will be added as needed. The administrator and moderators may apply rules retro-actively as they see fit.
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