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Title Lighting Fast swivel quality issues.

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  • Title Lighting Fast swivel quality issues.

    These are the bearings that I removed from a brand new Title lighting fast swivel that was recently purchased this year. I never mounted this swivel because of the issues. I also had to fix the loop as the arms were not bent to the same length. I replaced the bearings with some quality bearings from Japan. Got them off ebay.

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    Loop before and after cutting and rewelding.


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      Great design but poorly made in Pakistan.


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        There are several videos on Youtube that document several of these shops that make replacement auto parts for their domestic consumption. It's scary. Parts that have to meet stringent requirements in this country, being cast with scrap metal of varying types. Then there was the one making radiator hoses without the reinforcement cord in it. The failure rate is definitely imaginable.

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