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How to keep the speed bag going straight

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  • How to keep the speed bag going straight

    Hello everyone. I'm quite new to speed bagging. Did a little kickboxing for about a year. I do not know why I can not keep the speed bag going straight. Is it because of my swivel or my technique or a combination of both?

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    Nixon couldn't either


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      Member "Speedbag" on this forum is the author of the speed bag bible He gives members a really good deal on his stuff Of course you can message him on this forum When I teach people I have start with one hand then the other In the beginning there are a few things to figure out You might be hitting too high or low If you hit it straight it goes straight Boxers move their whole body to aim and throw their punches being in position is part of throwing a straight punch


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        Welcome Don King, I'm sure you will enjoy the Forum, and will find all of your questions on speed bagging answered here. First, we can't really say if we can't see what your doing however there are many of us that have done things that have caused that same problem and can share that with you. First, you are at the very same point we ALL started at, so don't think your any different from the best of the best today. For my part GO SLOW I can not stress that enough GO SLOW. We ALL want to achieve speed and that was my down fall. If you can't control the bag you have just put a huge obstacle between you and speed, GO SLOW, you will feel your way right in to it. Just my two cents. ENJOY

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