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    Hi guys! I literally just decided to adopt this new hobby after seeing a friend punching the speed bag. ‘Wow! Such a great way to get rid of stress’ - I was thinking. So, as a beginner, I’m here looking for tips and advice on how to punch fiercely and avoid getting hurt.

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    I'm still pretty new myself, 6.5 months in. But I'm not much bible style yet, just for boxing workout, so I guess I would be considered a member of the "punch fiercely" set.

    My 2 cents:

    - Before smashing, get your motions down. Specifically, sides of fists. Better to build these habits first, before doing much front of fists. This IMO would help prevent you from smashing your knuckles on the swivel or edge of board, or even other hard and pointy things nearby.

    - Wear wraps. Anything thicker may prevent building the finesse you'll be developing. Some folks use gloves with success. Just for me, I needed that feel in the early going. Even wraps will help protect for modest misses / mistakes. But again, if you're smashing too early, I'd think wraps won't save you from hard mistakes.

    - A 6x9 bag, minimum, to start. Myself, I went to a 5x8 within a week. That may have been a little early.

    Good luck!


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      "Punch fiercely" It almost sounds like you need a heavy bag. You know, and a speed bag.

      Sometimes it may look like someone is pounding the hell out of the speed bag but they're usually not hitting it all that hard as it doesn't take alot of power to keep a speed bag moving even though it can LOOK fierce. Speed bag is great for stress but if it's about getting out any anger and beating the piss outta something I'd hit a heavy bag.

      my 2 cents
      Certifiable SBX Attendee 2019



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        We often refer to the speed bag as a "control bag" as that is one of the principle things you use it for. If you are looking for something to hit to alleviate stress the heavy bag is a better choice. Besides changing bladders all the time gets really old.


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          It sounds like you were watching someone with decent skills like the others said it looks like he's hitting hard With that in mind stress is in your head I know people who relieve stress by running The first part of relieving stress is to re-direct your mental focus As soon I start hitting the bag immediately my focus switches to my punches and what I combinations I'm practicing or I do stuff I already do pretty good just get a rhythm going and listen to the bag hit board No negative waves just punching and listening to the melodic clap of the bag on the board That's a large part of the addiction If you don't really need to beat the shit out something it could prove to be a great stress reliever like it is for me Hitting the bag is even more fun when you're in a good mood


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            I need help to control my anger is something everyone has listened at some point. I can't help to control anyone's anger but will help you control your homework. Any type of problem is solvable with just a bit of help.


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              "Fiercely" I'm not sure if you mean (very hard) or (very fast). Speed bags are not intended to be hit very hard if this is what you want to do follow BagBoy's advice and get a heavy bag. However if your looking to punch very fast my best advice is to punch very slow and learn to Control the bag and that will lead you down the road to Speed.


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