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Building Mayweather's speed bag platform

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    I'm pretty sure you mean steel not iron Tubular steel will be the way to go or a combination of rectangular tube and angle material


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      Hi Quarantine, so if it's going to be a stationary platform that makes it a little easier in my opinion. My platform is also stationary. I have an old Everlast kit purchased many many years ago but you can still find the same one today (aluminum tubing) I've had it mounted on 2x4 garage walls, floor rafters and now on my basement concert wall. This is what I did to eliminate 90% of the vibration. First make sure your vertical brackets mounted to the wall are really secure. Next I built a frame with two vertical 4x4" 74" tall connected with a horizontal 2x4" screwed in the top and two 5x5x1" "L" brackets underneath in each corner (you can make this as wide as you wish, I have a 32" opening).I then attached 2x4s to the aluminum tube brackets and extended them out to the 2x4 on the 4x4 frame and mounted my drum on those 2x4s. My bag is 18" from the wall and the 4x4 frame is 39" from the wall. All of this is just food for thought. Whatever you decide to do remember that your drum 6" of Cherry is going to be very heavy and I would suggest that you support a lot of that weight with more than the brackets coming off the wall. You may want to consider something as simple as a support cable from a different anchor point coming off the wall or rafter. One thing more that is most important, the destination will always be there so make sure that you enjoy the journey.

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