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Type of speed bag for kids

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  • Type of speed bag for kids

    Hi everyone! I wanna get my kid her own speed bag but I’m kinda clueless which kind will suit her the best (she is 10 btw). I would really appreciate all your advice and recommendations.

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    You just joined the forum, what equipment do you have for your self? More than likely she will need something
    to stand on so you can use the same platform I recommend an Everlast 4241 I think that is a good beginner bag
    and a nice size for a ten year old You can run up to Dick's Sporting Goods or have Amazon send you one and
    inexpensive By time you are ready to up grade there's enough info. and opinions about speed bags on this forum
    to blow head apart Also as a member you can get a great deal on The Speed Bag Bible for you and your daughter
    In Florida where I live there always good deals on Let Go and Offer Up on platforms, punching bags and accessories

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