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    I recently got, and installed, a speed bag unit. The platform vibrates a fair bit and I've read that you can put sandbags on top to reduce this, but I wonder how much I should put. I've read 50 pounds, but that seems like a lot for this set up. That said, would something like 20 pounds work at all?

    I've attached pictures. The 2x4 and the 2x6 are spruce and both are screwed into the studs (2 screws to a side, each). The rails are screwed to the pieces of wood with one screw in each piece (so 2 per rail). The platform is attached to the rails with regular nuts and bolts, without the help of notches, or anything like that.

    I want to reduce the vibration, but without running the risk of the platform collapsing or ripping itself off the wall.

    Your help would be much appreciated.
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    I think 20 pounds won't do it. I had to install similarly: off-stud (the plywood to tie the studs together, the screws go through it and into studs) and I'm sure those (1x8 Oak) boards won't rip from the studs, or even the lag bolts from the boards/plywood. I have 50lbs on top.
    If anything, I was wondering about the welds in the platform frame. But putting 50lbs on top is pretty common, so I hoped Everlast wouldn't be selling a product whose welds couldn't handle that. Maybe in yours, the platform board itself sagging a little? I really doubt it though.

    I suppose the long timers here may have heard whatever horror stories are floating around out there, I'm still new.

    Good luck.

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      The frame is plenty strong enough I bought a set up like yours used very cheap
      The drum is terrible I put a 2" thick drum made out cabinet grade plywood laminated
      and finished with epoxy mounted with 5/16 instead 1/4" bolts I have 60-65lbs. on
      mine and it is pretty decent My frame is screwed to concrete block with 1/4" tap-cons
      That's definitely your weak point You can through bolt the frame to the cross pieces
      but you need make sure the whole thing is screwed to the wall properly I was looking
      at the hardware that came with a chin-up bar 5/16 lag bolts 31/2 inches long they
      used six of them to hold up to 300lbs.

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