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  • Easy way to post pics


    Got this from a guy on one of my softball forums but it also works on this site too.


    It's super simple!

    1) Upload your pics to your Photobucket account. What's that? You don't have a Photobucket account? Go get one. Go to It takes literally 60 seconds. And it's free last time I checked. There's really no excuse.

    2) Once the pic is uploaded, copy the code Photobucket provides and paste it into your ad

    3) Viola! You're done.

    Basically you copy the IMG code from photobucket and just paste that code in your post and when you submit your post, the pic will appear.

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    Can we get a DISLIKE button please?
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      Here here


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        Or you could :

        1) Log on to your softball forum

        2) lube up your longest, widest barrel softball bat.

        3) fat end first, slide it up your ear.

        4) Twist the bat as instructed below, if your body allows smile and snap a pic.

        5) Voila! You’re done

        Basically you just leave a small portion of the handle of the bat exposed. Apply paste to handle so you can keep your grip and twist 20-30 times when you submit your post, the pic will appear.
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          Poor guy, his softball forum is so boring that he has to visit us...


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