Are reflex bags useful?

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  • CaliG
    Speed Bag Trainee
    • Sep 2007
    • 14

    Are reflex bags useful?

    I saw a good deal for a reflex bag.

    I was wondering if people found them useful.

    They advertise them as being a cross between a speed bag and a double ended bag but it's hard to know how good they are until you try one out.

    I was wondering if anyone uses them as regular part of their workout. They seem useful but it seems like something you'd use for a few weeks that move on.

    Any advice?

    Good times,

  • atgatt
    Speed Bag Guru
    • Nov 2007
    • 446

    Several weeks ago I bought the Everlast for an appt I now stay in for out of town work. Since I can't setup a speedbag, DE, etc, I had to punch at something, and for that, I like it. It has its place but not as exciting as the speedbag or DE bag.

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