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Ringside Boxing Ultra Rebound Bag

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  • Ringside Boxing Ultra Rebound Bag

    Ordered it from Forza, arrived today. It pretty much lives up to its name and is very similar to hitting on a Cleto. It has a very wide and firm loop, one full inch wide to be exact. I should add that the loop is rather short too Although you can Bible bag with it, it's best suited for a U-Bolt which is what I'd say it's designed for.

    I was a little surprised to see the bladder nipple off centre on the bottom (pictured) of the bag rather than directly on the bottom. That is insignifigant as it's a well constructed bag that is very easy on bare hands. Like I said it is very similar to a Cleto and almost as responsive and costs about $30. less than a Cleto.. Although if I had to pick I'd still say the Cleto edges it out for U-Bolt action.

    Pictured is the 5" Cleto with the 5" Ringside. It really cooks on the Title lightning fast swivel.
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