RDX Pro Ball Bearing Steel Swivel Review

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  • ChrisMCR
    Speed Bag Trainee
    • May 2015
    • 17

    RDX Pro Ball Bearing Steel Swivel Review

    OK so I bought this swivel to replace the one I got free with the RDX speed bag I got a few weeks ago.

    Here is the Amazon link for anyone who wants to check it out - http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B...ilpage_o02_s00

    Below are some pics and my review


    Feels very well constructed and solid.


    Setting up

    From looking at the pictures I guessed it would be quite tricky to get my bag on there and it was more difficult than I thought.

    Getting the pin off wasn't too difficult and can be done with a hammer alone. However the bolt that goes through the hook was very stiff and difficult to get out.

    This is not the type of swivel where you'd want to change bags regularly on it.


    Rebound speed and accuracy

    My main reason for buying this was to achieve better rebound speed. I'd definitely say this is faster than my previous swivel but not to a huge degree.

    What I was more happy with was the accuracy. Using my previous swivel, it was very difficult to do fist rolls since the bag would bounce unpredictably. There's a noticeable improvement using this swivel and it makes the bag much easier to control.

    EDIT - After more use I've realised what the big downside of these u-bolt style swivels is. Although they're excellent for straight front and reverse punches, if the u bolt isn't facing you then they tend to jump and rebound very unpredictably. Therefore if you like to do a lot of tricks, I wouldn't recommend this type of swivel.



    It was quite squeaky at first but this was easily resolved by applying WD-40. After that the swivel is very quiet and doesn't distract you from your workout.



    For the price, I think this is an excellent swivel and definitely a step up from the one I was using previously. Good rebound speed and accuracy for straight punches.

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  • stefoz
    Senior Member
    • Apr 2015
    • 155

    That was my first ever bag,It served me well,Still hanging in the collection,sometimes i catch up with it.


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