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    Originally posted by fedora View Post
    I wonder if anyone here bought this vintage rope swivel.
    Nice swivel !


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      I bid on it but someone wanted it more than me.



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        Originally posted by fedora View Post
        I have one of those too. The problem with it is that no matter how hard you tie the rope, when you hit it, it will still tighen up more and stretch out some, making the swing longer and thus making it a slower rebound. The chain never changes obviously. The chain works better. It is super quiet though.

        ...Well the main idea of the old school rope swivel is to have a long rope and big bag at the end, which makes you (bob and weave) when the bag returns from a rebound, just like the punch professor's vid on youtube in which he calls it a diggle ball, it's a great vid and shows his high skills with the diggle ball, I think he has a title big blue bag at the end and you need a big drum, or if you have a, say size 3 foot drum you could probably use a smaller bag with long rope. I need to get one of those rope swivels and see how it will work with my 3 foot drum


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          That is some cool stuff.
          Don't buy your speed bag from the same place you buy your tackle box.


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            Fedora, I’m trying to find a swivel attachment to fit a speed bag frame i recently found in my parents attic.
            I had posted some questions on here before which I got some very informative answers and information from Dutchman including patent information on
            my frame.
            where did you fine the swivel in the second picture?
            it looks like it may fit my frame both historically and size.
            mill attach a few pictures of my frame. It’s all wood and in remarkable condition considering its age.
            thank you for your time.
            be well
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