Ringside Speed Bag Platform Model # RSAP

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  • Tim
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    • Jan 2006
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    Ringside Speed Bag Platform Model # RSAP

    This is a nicely priced and capable piece of equipment. The drum is solid enough yet economical. The swivel it comes with is Ringside's professional model , which is a nice step up from the barebones swivel some competitor's products come with. I can vouch for the durability of this swivel in that mine took a beating for almost 2 years (I eventually sold the unit to a friend of mine). In my opinion, this is the ideal platform for a beginner. It's cheap enough that if you don't take to the hobby, you didn't spend a lot of cash. But if you do like it, this is a sturdy enough unit that you can use for a long time. (It most certainly is sturdier and price competitive with the commonly seen units in most retail stores such as Sports Authority).

    Installation tips

    The height is not adjustable, so be careful to mount it at the correct height. I'd go as far to say you may want to mount it at the right height for your NEXT size speedbag, just to be prepared. (If you are a beginner you will inevitably move to a smaller size bag within a few months). Lastly, make sure when attaching this unit to cinder block walls that you do not overtighten the tapcon screws. Overtightening them is bad, if not worse, than not tightening them (the screw will irreversibly stretch and be less effective). The cinder block wall mounting kit from Ringside is a good deal, you couldn't really get the individual parts (bit and tapcon screws) any cheaper if you bought them at Home Depot or Lowes. Finally, since this is a wall mount unit that when attached right will not vibrate much, you must tighten the swivel with a pipe wrench otherwise you will find that it loosens frequently.

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