First Look at 'Heritage' Speedball by Gold's Gym

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  • Mrs Mitts
    Speed Bag Guru
    • Feb 2010
    • 285

    First Look at 'Heritage' Speedball by Gold's Gym

    This is a ball I've liked the look of for ages but has been out of stock for months at Boxfit UK and I couldn't track it down anywhere else.

    Finally got it this week, but as you can see one seam has a small split so it's going back for a replacement. However I like the vintage look and the big fat shape. I don't have a bigger size bag and it fits the bill perfect. Apart from this faulty seam it looks good quality with nice soft leather and seams. Seems to hit well from the short tryout I had, but will hopefully do a full review later.

  • fingers
    Speed Bag Guru
    • May 2008
    • 618

    Nice looking bag Mrs M!!......have you got a bag you have never had to return?


    • Tim
      Administrator and Founder of

      • Jan 2006
      • 3448

      Hey that's cool, hadn't heard of that one. Bummer that it's got a split


      • MsDeville
        Senior Member

        • Oct 2009
        • 1301

        Nice looking bad about the defect...

        I'm needing a new bag. The red Everlast bag that I used in my last punch-drumming video is really warped, and has developed a "lump" in one of the seams (poor, uneven seam stitching, I suppose). I'm really curious about the Amber speed bags that aad03 did a review on a while back. I'm looking for a big bag with a good rebound. This one looks nice, Mrs. Mitts, but it sounds like they're hard to come by...
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        • aad03
          Senior Member

          • Jan 2010
          • 273

          Which Amber bag are you thinking about? The Amber Professional that costs about $30 is pretty good, much better than the more expensive Amber Invincible in my opinion. But, if you're willing to spend a little more, the Cleto Reyes is in a league of its own. Ringside had them on sale last time I checked. Brian is hitting the Cleto Small in this clip:


          • Mrs Mitts
            Speed Bag Guru
            • Feb 2010
            • 285

            I am still waiting for my replacement bag.......

            You guessed it, they're out of stock. I haven't found anyone else who stocks these so I'll just have to wait. Just my luck as usual


            • PIEFURZ
              Speed Bag Trainee

              • Jun 2010
              • 294

              Too bad about the bag split

              I like the color of the bag, kinda old style plain leather. A gym I go to just ruined a new bag by splitting the seam, I just know they over inflated it. When I first went there they used a motorized pump that got the bag to 8 psi before they got the needle out. They went thru another one also, no doubt the same thing. I suggested they get a hand pump but they don't take the incentive to tell their higher ups. Another gym is the same way and a guy there said he actually popped a bag. You would think he would know better now. I carry my own pump and gauge and leave their bags at 4 psi so at least they wont have a reason to inflate them. The first place doesn't even have a bag now. The second place wants me to fill out a health survey before I can come back. You know how guys are about taking care of their health. I know I should.


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