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Tuf wear double end bag 7"

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  • Tuf wear double end bag 7"

    My Title 7" double end bag finally gave up the ghost after a couple years of use.

    Got the Tuf Wear 7" to replace and it sure is NICE. Very well built and fine leather. Just love hitting it.

    I could see why they call it "Tuf".

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    Mello, glad to see you agree how well built they are in comparison. They list:

    # Extra tough, yet supple, cowhide leather is made to take a pounding.
    # Triple nylon stitched with red leather welting to ensure long wear.
    # Quadruple-layered end loops for worry-free usage.
    # Complete with industrial grade reflex bladder.

    The big seller for me was that they also have a "industrial" bladder. Every bag I had that went bad, which has only been two, it was from a leak, not worn out. Just feeling the bag when I got it before putting air in it, it sure felt "substantial" of a heavy duty bladder.

    Question: I actually like more weight in a double end bag because I get better rebounds, but I don't know if the speed bags weigh so much more that it could hinder the speed compared to other, lighter bags. My Title 5 x 8 red bag for $20 is light and fast, but it has thin leather and standard bladder. It's been holding up rather well. So have you've seen a difference in speed with the Tuf Wear speed bags?


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      Mello, thanks for taking the time for your response. I learned a lot from it and could see you have much more experience with the various bags like Speedbag does.

      Now I see that it was no big deal to replace the Title bladder, but I'm still glad I got that Tuf Wear. Part of it is just hitting something new. I don't know why, but it is.


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        Just some boring added info to help you fall asleep.

        The 7" Title weighed in at 8 oz and the Tuf Wear at 10 3/4 oz.

        Title now advertises their $20 on sale 7" is all leather but the one I bought 2 years ago that looks the same as in the picture is vinyl look-a-like leather.

        Maybe Title switched to true leather because the price of leather has gone down.

        I told you it was boring info.

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