I was thinking that it would be nice if there was a review of all the speed bag brands out there. Of course this would be difficult for two reasons, the first being that speed bags reviews are highly subjective and the second is that it's an expensive task to acquire all the bags out there.

So I'm going to list whatever brands I can conjure up (mostly from Tim's list of speed bag vendors) and hopefully people can comment on what they've hit and if there are any other brands worth mentioning. Since I'm a beginner I'm in no position to come up with some review criteria- but I'm thinking build quality/durability, shape, feel (soft/hard), bladder, rebound, loop, and aesthetics might be a starting point.

Also, I figure that Alan probably had been exposed to just about every brand out there and naturally he would be the best person for the task- but I'm not trying to volunteer anyone. Maybe since Tim and Alan both have sites they might be able to get some review samples!

Over the course of the next year, I plan on trying out at least half of these brands.

Brands (updated!):
Top Contender
Cleto Reyes
Pro Mex