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lemarr bag test.

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  • lemarr bag test.

    Well iv'e been using this Lemarr 8x5 bag for nearly a week now! and comparing it to my everlast pro its slightly faster and a bit lighter, very soft thin leather, the recommended pressure is 10lb!! but this makes it rock hard so feels better at 6lb, don't think its available outside the UK but you can check them out on Sugar rays site!! hope this is of interest. Fingers.
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    Looks like it has a nice short loop, like most of the everlast bags do.

    Makes it a little harder to put on and off (on a ball hook swivel at least) but keeps the rebounds nice and short.


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      Yes Tim the loop is very short! ideal for my old school boxing style of speed bag work! i tried tightening the loop with a cable tidy but it was to tight to the U bar so rebound was not to good so used duck tape as in picture, this seemed to work`` had a bit of a blur going on!!


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        Never seen that bag before, I was checking out your setup. What is your drum mounted to?I want to guess but I'm not sure. From the looks of it there should be ZERO vibration.


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          My set up!

          Hi Metaldad i bolted my set up straight to the garage wall the drum is glued and bolted to a piece of (new) kitchen worktop i found in a skip then i put a run of silicone sealer around the join, filled my old army rucksack with rags and put it on top, its solid with no vibration, there are a few more pictures on my profile page. Steve, (fingers).


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