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My new All Star International Solid Hide heavy bag.

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  • My new All Star International Solid Hide heavy bag.

    Hey Guy's

    This is my new/old heavy bag. I haven't seen these in the shops any more, the bag itself is 15 years old.

    I bought the bag of an 83 year old ex pro boxer who clearly had no one to hand the bag down to. I felt he was a little emotional handing it over and if you got a clear picture of the bag you might be able to understand why.

    I guessing he had children, therefore he'd have grandchildren, you'd think. It's just such a shame he was unable to hand down his prize possesion and his things of beauty. Boxing seemed a big part of his life and it showed by the pride he had for the quality of his goods.

    Anyway here it is:

    It was just such a powerful experience meeting this old guy. I got out of the car and there he was standing there at the front of his garage with the bag in front of him. He definately wanted to see who was buying his bag. I walked over to him and before I had even got there he was nodding his head and I could hear him say in his soft, quiet voice "yeah, I'll sell the bag to him" to the lady that organised the sale.

    I already knew of the quality of what I was buying and as soon as he saw me he knew that I knew the value of this item, which I got the feeling made him a little happier.

    I think I'll get back and try and have a beer with him.

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    That is a great looking piece of equipment ... and with a history to it!


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