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  • Title headhunter heavy bag

    I added this bag to my garage gym.


    It weighs 50 lbs. I wanted a bag that was not too heavy to hang from a wooden beam. This one is perfect. I was worried that a 50 lb bag would move around too much while hitting it. It does not. Yes it moves, but it is not all over the place. The description says something about the design of the bag eliminates excessive movement. One warning - this bag is hard. You better wrap your hands well and use well-padded gloves when hitting this. It's a great bag at a great price.

    I'll post picks soon.
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    nice bag ,they had a 25 lb bag at dicks for $39.99 would have brought one if it was 50lb like yours


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      You would be suprised at just how good this headhunter bag is. Don't overlook it just because it is a skinny bag - it measures almost 10 inches in diameter(more than the 6 inches as advertised). Very little movement. I also have a 55lb powair water and foam bag hanging (yep, they make 'em in 55 lbs), and it moves around more than the title headhunter bag. I think it has to do with the long hanging straps that reduce the movement. For $49, you will have an outstanding bag.

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