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Maize bag / DE bag / Speedbag Video

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  • Maize bag / DE bag / Speedbag Video

    Hi everyone -

    I was fooling around with the new video camera and made this quick video -
    First of all - I am completely untrained.... so constructive critism would be good - if the mocking gets out of hand - I will take my video down

    I am hitting the maize bag (filled with about 8 to 10 pounds of sand) made from a vinyl Everlast speedbag. It feels great on the hands - it is actually addictive and a great workout.
    The Double end bag is a standard Everlast one - 10" ?
    The speedbag is an Everlast Pro 9x6

    that's it !! watch the whole thing - my dog makes an appearance too... only 4 minutes long.

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    Great example of circuit training Jaguiler! It seems like you're a bit crowded in there though. If space allows, you should move your maize bag to get more room to get angles. Love the dog...


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      I actually do have a good amount of room down there... I just tend to put things close together.... and I don;t have enough black mats to span the whole floor yet - it actually is a nice size space. plus it is cool when it all fits in one shot of video.

      any suggestions on my hitting ? how does it look ?


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        Your punching is good, and for a big dude your speed is excellent. I would focus on timing and rythm to maximize your technique, try to not put that much emphasis on power or speed. Great work Jag...


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          This is my first post on this forum,i found this site after watching a few videos on youtube and the information on here is incredible.About a month ago i bought myself a heavy bag,speedball,and a double end bag and was looking for a few tips myself,and thats how i came across this site.One thing i`ve been doing on the DE bag is to hit it with a left hook,which sends it anti clockwise in a circular motion,then hit it with a right hook.That sends it clockwise in a circular motion,then keep repeating.I start off nice and slow but as you get more speed up i then add some ducking as the ball comes round each time.It gets to be quite a workout when you left hook,duck,right hook,duck and keep repeating for a few minutes.BTW Jag,thats some good skills on the speedbag and your set up is similar to mine,in the sense that you can move straight from one to the other because of the closeness.


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