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  • metaldad
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    Originally posted by ebozyn View Post
    Right On The Money PD. That is exactly one of the things i keep in mind when practicing "Phantom Strikes" specifically when doing Over, Under Phantom Strikes one of the thoughts i keep going over is this: I must keep my elbow out of the way of my fist with slight up and down movements, as my fist is weaving it's way over, and under my elbow.

    Keep that elbow out of the way. Essentially you're trying to hit the same spot on the bag with your elbow and fist, and to do that you MUST move your elbow out of the way so you can catch that spot on the bag with your fist.
    You do realize It's"bag "to the drawing board for me! I'm gonna have to really sit a study the living hell out of your videos now!

    Originally posted by ebozyn View Post
    Great Vids MetalDad. Some Cool Stuff

    Bag On MD
    Thanks man! Comin from you that's an inspirational compliment!
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