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Classic Bag Clips! Part I

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  • Classic Bag Clips! Part I

    Let's start off the new year, or end the current year, or just pay a little respect to some of the guys that influenced so many of us!
    Back in August 2008, I got blown away by what I saw these guys doing on a speed bag!
    I became obsessed, and while I don't put the time in that I'd like, I still get a huge inspiration from these guys!!
    ****So, while I started putting these clips together, I came across many that brought back cool memories...To non-Speed Baggers, this all may seem a bit insane... but I think anyone here viewing will get a kick out of this too!
    I've hung with many baggers and I have to say they are some of the coolest unassuming people around!
    Yes, there are tons more awesome clips but this is a decent start!

    Alan Kahn!

    Classic Skunk Insanity! Pick any clip of him, it's all ridiculous!

    Myself and Alan Kahn! First time meeting, first real hang in the
    first Speed Bag Truck!

    Dee Pooler!

    Billy Mack!

    Ahh... came across some other fun stuff too... bringing back memories!
    The making of the Speed Bag Porch! Where else in the world are guys drilling wood into a porch to make 6 speed bag stations!!! At SKunk's house! Until 3am!

    Once again, Speed Bag Skunk in the Speed Bag Trunk breaking the
    speed barrier! Classic!

    Speed Bag Forum webmaster Tim "Platt-Forum" with his elbow insanity!

    Scissorhands and his freaky spins! NJ Style baby!!

    Deano! Aussie Style! From the Speed Bag Convention. There is another
    clip of him here on the forum I couldn't find, but this shows you how insane he is!

    The Baggist! His unique style always inspires! Smooth!

    Punch Professor! I always dig watching his punching accuracy and dedication the art of punching and bagging!

    The Speed Bag Queen! Stacy "Stay-Lo" Reile! I love this clip!

    The Skunk and The King together for the first time!

    Quite possible the most insane speed bag clip of all time!

    Ok ok... some shameless self promo.. back in Jan 09, after 4 months of baggin... I just like how the song makes the baggin seem that much crazier..

    I had to include this...I don't know his name, but it's pretty funny... I challenge you not laugh just a little....

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    thanks Brian for posting some of those clips were the insparation for me too and for sure they showed me that the speedbag wasn't just for boxing anymore.


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      Thanks for collecting these all in one spot. Some great videos.


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        Here's a classic for you Tich! Happy New year!

        Nice post Brian! Thanks for compiling all those great bagging and building episodes in one spot! There is also a ton of other great vids that pop up on the suggestions que. Happy New year to you, all the other forum baggers and the new comers to the forum as they find their way here during their new year resolution exercise web searches!

        Now we can all start the New Year off with a BANG!

        Speaking of Bangs......This was a pretty bang up job by Alan that I thought would fall in with those classic vidz

        Bring in the New Year Baggin Bros!

        It's just the Literary masculine sense but you know I mean the Sistas too!!! Ms. Dee, Mrs. Mitts, Jewellz and if there is any other sistas out there baggin like "Stay Lo" Riele, above in the thread!


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          One of the best post ever!!! Thanks, Brian.... Of course this forum is already a great living history of encouragement, helpful hints and awesome bagging demonstrations. Thanks to all who make it so now and in the coming year. Hears to all being game fully employed and happily bagging in 2011.


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            very cool! This was an amazing year. i realized many dreams in 2010 . hanging at speed bag2010 in jersey was sweet . got some cool write ups on hollywood web sites and came out w/ my own video game. all through speed bagging! more to come in 2011! scissor it up!!! X SBSH


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              Originally posted by spinsmashpop View Post
              Let's start off the new year, I had to include this...I don't know his name, but it's pretty funny... I challenge you not laugh just a little....
              LMFAO, Thanks Brian this had me almost pass out I laughed so hard


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                How I can so relate to becoming obsessed BT! It was a year ago this time when I stumbled across this amazing style of SpeedBagging, and got the Awesome oppurtunity to hang with BT, and TJ Matee here in my area on the Speed Bag Truck. All I could do back then was hit forward HA! Thanks to all the baggers before me, and welcome all new baggers! These are the great names in the sport! 2011 is a going to be a great year! Great post Spin, Thanks!
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