Practice makes better, if not perfect.

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  • RenoRattler
    Senior Member
    • Sep 2009
    • 210

    Practice makes better, if not perfect.

  • Roc Stone
    Speed Bag Guru
    • Oct 2007
    • 475

    Nice work. Good consistancy.

    I would like to see some side DP out of ya tho. Your reverse doubles seem to be right on the mark as well as your split fist linking, but i didn't see much of a RSP. 3-3 is a good combo which you can alternate from L-R which will give you a good range of reverse single punches, its got a nice sound to it too.

    Sometimes when freestyling you need to break down the different types of strikes you are using to set a tempo. Just as songs have a chorus to break up each verse, by use of repetition of a common theme the same can be applied to the speed bag between alternating different series of combos. I previously mentioned the 3-3, which works well but you come up with anything really, even a series of FDP's work well.

    I'm having some pretty wild notions bout this, in writing this to you Reno. Ok, see if you can grasp this.

    If we can apply all poetic tools such as consonance, assonance, aliteration and repetition to/on a speed bag then surely we could make a speed bag alphabet. Just think we could all be talking in bag language.

    I think I better go back to having a lazy Sunday


    • fingers
      Speed Bag Guru
      • May 2008
      • 618

      !!Nice work Reno!!


      • Bruce
        • Dec 2009
        • 75

        Lookin' good... I see you've opted for eye protection... Smart move... Just don't pull an Alan and rip those suckers off! Seriously though, real smooth... You put my work to shame.


        • spinsmashpop
          Speed Bag Wizard

          • Nov 2008
          • 1081

          Great job!


          • Tim
            Administrator and Founder of

            • Jan 2006
            • 3448

            Yeah dude, that was solid from start to finish.


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