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MsDeville "graduates" up to the Ball Hook Swivel

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    Originally posted by Mrs Mitts View Post
    Excellent video! You've got great stamina to keep that going for nearly four minutes. You can definitely see amazing progress since your earlier videos.

    I hope you get to love your new swivel!
    Thank you, Mrs. Mitts. Hitting on a bigger bag seems to help me with stamina. And... YES, the new swivel is growing on me, that's for sure!

    Originally posted by SpeedBagScissorhands View Post
    congrats on your move to the ball hook....I however will continue to represent the U-bolt....damm these speed bag companies should love that... they make much more money on a U bolt
    Just between you and me SBS – – I haven't tossed the U bolt – yet!... I put it on another platform. And all-wood, free-standing setup that "trainer" Raul built a few weeks ago... (Gee, it's handy having a carpenter in the house!)

    And to prove that I'm still attached to my U bolt swivel, here's a sample of a practice session from last week:

    (I hope You Tube didn't delete the audio again– It's Aretha this time!)

    Originally posted by Speedbag View Post
    Amazing progress all around. Control and combinations are improving. Great to hear the "other" results of consistent speed bagging are taking place. You will be an inspiration to others!
    Thanks, Alan. I've managed to inspire a few girl friends, so far, so that's pretty cool... although, sometimes I think I should post a disclaimer or something in my videos though..."For entertainment purposes only" ... as I tend to "freestyle," for lack of a better description, of my punching, stance, etc.

    Originally posted by Speedbag View Post
    on another note, do you know "the barber of Deville" ?

    No, but I know "the Hairdresser of Super Cuts!"

    Originally posted by deano View Post
    theres not many girls out there able to punch like you Ms Dee,excellent combos, and a 3.49 session,you'll be fadeing away to a shadow.deano
    Why, thank you kindly, deano. Have you noticed in my recent videos, that I have started posing at a 3/4 angle to the camera...
    ...if I turn sideways to the camera, you can hardly see me!
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