where to buy quality speedbag platform

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  • msc
    Speed Bag Trainee
    • Feb 2009
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    where to buy quality speedbag platform

    This is the first time i've been on a forum before. I'm want to buy a quality speed bag platform and am wondering if some of the pro's here might have some suggestions on where I can get a good deal on one. I live in georgia and i'm always checking craigslist but most of the time they only have the cheap platforms. I have about $200-$250 to spend.
  • Biff
    Speed Bag Wizard

    • Feb 2008
    • 1190

    Here are a few from Tim's Vendor Section:


    Prime Fighter



    Hope this helps.


    • Whippet
      • Nov 2008
      • 52

      I can vouch for the Balazs I-Box system. You can get that delivered for what you have to spend; you can also get nice units for half or less too and have money left over for an extra swivel, bag or five ... not that you'll end up buying extras.


      • Tim
        Administrator and Founder of SpeedBagForum.com

        • Jan 2006
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        PrimeFighter gives speedbagforum.com members a 15% discount on any speed bag platform


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